Community Interpreting

At Community Interpreting we pride ourselves on providing top quality services, we ensure that all Interpreters are qualified and have good background knowledge of the industry before sending them out on work. We work closely with Community Interpreting course providers that feed us with information about up and coming course which we feedback to our interpreters.

At Community Interpreting we have large public sector contracts across the UK, we work closely with the NHS, Social Services, Courts, Probation service to government departments and court work.

Conference Interpreting

Conference interpreting is where major international events require simultaneous interpretation, so there could be a business conference call from China to England where from the English side needs a Chinese interpreter. It’s more challenging organising conference interpreting in terms of logistics and required audio equipment that needs setting up.

Police Interpreting

Police Interpreting, also known as Judicial or legal Interpreting occurs in the Courts, Police Station, Tribunals or any legal place where a proceeding is held such as an interrogation, deposition or even taking a sworn statement.

Escort Interpreting

The term escort interpreter is also known as escorting interpreter, this is when an interpreter is accompanying a person or delegation on a tour, visit or a meeting.

Public Sector Interpreting

Public sector interpreting is also known as Community Interpreting, the types of interpreting scenario’s for the public sector interpreting are: legal, health, and local government, social, housing, environmental health, education, and welfare services.

Medical NHS Interpreting

We provide NHS interpreting services for a wide range of Public Sector and NHS clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From GP surgeries and Accident and emergency to Dental practices and routine hospital appointments, we can meet all needs. Due to the demanding and vital nature of the work our clients undertake, we do sometimes require our interpreters to be sent out on assignments at short notice. With NHS interpreting as you will be working with vulnerable adults and children we do require a CRB check from ALL of the interpreters interested in this field of work. You can either apply for this with us or on your own. If you already possess a CRB then it must still valid for 3 years.